YouTube Blue App — YouTube Blue APK Download Latest Version (16) for Android

YouTube Blue App - YouTube Blue APK Download Latest Version (16) for Android

Have you ever heard about YouTube Blue Apk? It is a modified application of YouTube, having many advanced features in it. The significant differences between the original YouTube version and the YouTube Blue application are color, background rotation, HD quality, repletion of watch videos using settings, ad-block option, and much more that appeals to users to shift on YouTube blue APK instead of using the original YouTube version.

- Features of YouTube Blue APK

One of the advanced features of the YouTube Blue APK includes the YouTube API, which may use to add extra scripts. YouTube API allows adding as many features as required o the app. It will enable you to upload more videos, create playlists, and subscribe to channels. YouTube Blue APK theme and innovative style are users’ primary motivations to install YouTube Blue APK on their Android devices. To know more about YouTube blue APK, read the article entirely and learn more about its unique features.

Although YouTube Blue APK is not an official application, there are, some risks associated with using it. Apart from that, the YouTube Blue APK is more appealing in terms of functionality and opens up new experiences for its customers. The essential features of the YouTube Blue APK are as follow:


The theme of an application is one of the essential parts that make it impressive in front of its end-user. If you feel bored using an old version of YouTube and want to enjoy YouTube in new attractive colors, you must download the YouTube Blue APK and enjoy the updated version on your cellphone screen.

Premium version:

Another benefit of YouTube Blue APK is offering the premium version to its loyal users. It gives end-users a more comfortable and entertaining feel without subscribing to the channel and enjoys many videos in one click.

Ads No Ads:

Are you getting irritated to see ads repeatedly while watching videos? Then this app is purely for you. There is no need to skip ads or close your favorite video clips just because of paid ads. YouTube Blue APK is the solution of good-bye ads and enjoys the videos with no more interruption.


This application is versatile in its design and features. It provides a multi-tab option to its users when watching movies or enjoying music. You can easily see your messages, open WhatsApp, or perform any other task without disturbing the movie sequence at once.

Background music:

If you want to enjoy your favorite songs without unlocking your mobile phone, then don’t forget to download the YouTube Blue APK application on your cellphones. It is a fantastic feature that helps to enjoy music as background music for songs lovers.

Offline video watching:

The best advantage of YouTube Blue is to download restricted videos easily without taking much pain. Sometimes video creators apply restrictions on downloading specific videos. YouTube Blue APK is one of the solutions to such videos and enriches the enjoyment of watching favorite videos offline.

High-quality clips:

Even though It is an unofficial application, it is still providing high-quality video downloading. It saves its users from unwanted interruption and enhances the beauty of videos through its HD quality.

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